Win 6 children toothbrushes and matching toothbrush holder in attractive blister packaging!

Our children Toothbrushes for girls and boys should be in every bathroom! Lovingly designed motives and matching toothbrush holder make everyday brushing teeth easier.

For a good effective child dental prophylaxis, the arrangement and shape of the bristles of great importance.
Pediatric Dentists supported us in the development of Thienelino toothbrush.

The ergonomically shaped handle helps the child's hand result in the toothbrush optimal.

What country is our new mascot of Pharaoh?

What is the sum of 3 and 5?

General raffle conditions

The raffle is open to all persons age 18 and over. Participants under 18 years of age and/or not of full legal age (a "Minor") must seek parental permission before participating at the raffle.

One participates at the raffle by clicking on one of the given answers. This answer will be automatically sent by e-mail to THIENEL Dental e.K.

The prize will be awarded as announced in the raffle. If several participants give the right answer lots will be drawn.

The winner(s) will be informed by e-mail. THIENEL Dental e.K. will deliver the price to the address which has been given by the participant. Prizes which could not be delivered are put back in the drawing.

Delivery of the price to Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Monaco, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden or United Kingdom is free of charge. Deliveries outside of these countries are ex works, duty unpaid. Pickup of the prize is not possible.

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Overview of Individual Products

tl_files/Produktbilder/THIENELINO/012014/Zahnbuerste_saugfuss_zahnfee_pink_blister_1000x1000px.jpg tl_files/Produktbilder/THIENELINO/012014/Zahnbuerste_saugfuss_ritter_blau_blister_1000x1000px.jpg
Toothbrushes with suction cup
Design Tooth Fairy (3-7)
Toothbrushes with suction cup
Design Knights (3-7)
tl_files/Produktbilder/THIENELINO/012014/zahnbuerstenhalter_blister_pink_zahnfee.jpg tl_files/Produktbilder/THIENELINO/012014/zahnbuerstenhalter_blister_blau_ritter.jpg
Toothbrush Holders
design Tooth Fairy
Toothbrush Holders
design Knight
tl_files/Produktbilder/THIENELINO/012014/Zahnbuerste_junior_pink_blister_1000x1000px.jpg tl_files/Produktbilder/THIENELINO/012014/Zahnbuerste_junior_blau_blister_1000x1000px.jpg
Children Toothbrushes Junior
Design Queen
Children Toothbrushes Junior
Design Pharaoh
tl_files/Produktbilder/THIENELINO/012014/zahnbuerstenhalter_blister_pink_koenigin.jpg tl_files/Produktbilder/THIENELINO/012014/zahnbuerstenhalter_blister_blau_pharao.jpg
Toothbrush Holders
design queen, pink
Toothbrush Holders
design pharaoh, blue
tl_files/Produktbilder/THIENELINO/012014/Zahnbuerste_baby_pink_blister_1000x1000px.jpg tl_files/Produktbilder/THIENELINO/012014/Zahnbuerste_baby_blau_blister_1000x1000px.jpg
Children Toothbrushes
Baby pink (0-3)
Children Toothbrushes
Baby blue (0-3)
tl_files/Produktbilder/THIENELINO/012014/zahnbuerstenhalter_baby_pink.jpg tl_files/Produktbilder/THIENELINO/012014/zahnbuerstenhalter_baby_blau.jpg
Toothbrush Holders
design Otto, pink
Toothbrush Holders
design Otto, blue